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Tax consultant North Jakarta is needed by individual or business that want to do their job and business without having to worry about taxing problem. There are various rules and laws that the taxpayer has to fulfill when doing their taxing, which make the whole process became more complicated. You might be interested to do the process by yourself, but it would not be efficient as there are a lot of rules to learn. You might also find a lot of mistake when doing the repot which could be dangerous for your business.

Various Jobs Done by Tax Consultant North Jakarta for Their Client

Tax consultant office work in various service related to the taxing process for their client. That is why they have to do a lot of task for the client. Here are some of the jobs that the tax consultant needs to do so they would be able to do their task well:

I. Following the development

As other things, tax also changed with new rules and laws emerge every once in a while. This is one of the reasons why common people cannot do everything as they might not know the newest rules and laws. But those who uses tax consultant service should not have to worry as they would be following the development. Then when you use their service, you will already be following the newest rules and laws.

II. Efficiency

The tax consultant will also give more efficiency for their client. Especially since they will be in charge on counting the tax, reporting, and other administrative process regarding the tax. As they are more knowledgeable in the field that means they will be able to avoid any mistake that might happen in the process. Thus, the process will be more efficient in time while still following the right rules.

III. Verbal or written Consultation

The tax consultant office will be given their client consultation regarding various tax related problem. The consultation can be done verbally or written according to the client needs. This consultation is needed so the client will know the consultant work and progress that they made throughout their job for the client. It also needed so the client will understand what they need to do in relation to the tax process.

IV. Assistant service

Another job that the tax consultant needs to do is to assist you in any process needed. For example, when you need to submit some letter or when there is inspection done by the authority department regarding your taxing process.

V. Planning

One of the most important job that included in tax consultant fee is to plan the tax. The consultant will plan all process regarding the tax including the payment plan, analyze plan, and many other administration processes needed during the process. They will also help to plan the tax itself to avoid any lost in their client business profit.

Those are several jobs done by tax consultant North Jakarta when helping their client in any tax related responsibilities. From those jobs the clients will get various benefits which very useful for their business and general profit that they need.


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