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Tax consultant Bandung will be able to help you
dealing with various types of duty regarding tax responsibility which includes
payment, accounting, analyzing, and many others. Those responsibility will be
done according to the right rules and tax which set by the law. Since there are
a lot of rules needed to be learned, sometimes taxpayer became confused on
which rules that they need to follow. Furthermore, the rules will also be
updated by the government when necessary. Most common people do not follow the
newest update which may make them become clueless of the newest rules that they
need to follow. That is why, it is better to use tax consultant when dealing
with tax payment.

Be Careful to Not Use Unprofessional Tax
Consultant Bandung Service

However, you also need to find tax consultant office that do their work professionally. Since there are several people that do their work unprofessionally which may give you some problem in the future. Here are some things that unprofessional tax consultant does that you need to pay attention so you do not get problem in the future:

  1. Unprofessional tax consultant may offer tax editing which is against the rule and the law. They might suggest embezzlement, reducing, and various other fraud during their consultation. While it is seeming to be interesting since you will get a lot of profit by doing it, but those are against the law. Thus, when there is tax inspection in the future, then it will all be found and you will get into trouble. This is why, it is better to avoid this kind of practice.
  2. Decreasing earning is another practice that often done by unprofessional tax consultant so they will be able to set your tax as low as possible. This include only report some of the earning, lowered the selling price, and many other practices that are against the law. You need to pay attention about it when using tax consultant service so you would not get problem in the future.
  3. Enlarge the organization size
  4. Increasing the goods base price to get more profit.
  5. Lowered export price for special company abroad.
  6. Increasing import price from special company abroad.
  7. Dividend payment is done secretly through other means such as debt payment.
  8. Lowering employee earning but increasing loss on profit and loss accounting to lower the tax payment.

Besides those things, there are a lot more things that
unprofessional tax consultant may suggest you to do. These tax consultant
usually also increase their tax consultant fee according
to the profit that you will get through those wrong practice. This is also
another thing that you need to pay attention.

Indeed, those offers are quite interesting since they promise you will get more profit as you can lower the tax payment that you need to do. But those practice are wrong and you will get in trouble in the future. That is why, it is better for you to just use professional tax consultant Bandung which able to do their work according to the right rule and laws to prevent getting trouble in the future.


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